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Who we are

Accelerateur de croissance internationale de Startups et PME : Equipe de Country Manager Networklink

A team of experimented advisors, consisting of industry experts, business developers and business mentors.

Accelerateur de croissance internationale de Startups et PME : Consultants et experts internationaux





Since 2005, NETWORKLINK, initially entitled Consult Inc., has created a team of consultants and experts in most fields of consultancy operating in France and in a lot of countries to accompany innovating corporations. Eager to create a network of experts in every country and bring them their own experience and methodology, NETWORKLINK has successfully tried to identify and select the best profiles and to advise its clients by bringing them the added value that their projects deserve, thus allowing another vision and ambition. Consequently, the company is based upon experts who can easily become country managers in the client’s activity sectors or suggest and present the local resources necessary for the mission.


A team of experimented advisors, consisting of industry experts , business developers and business mentors.

NETWORKLINK provides its clients with expert resources in the development of their businesses in France and abroad. We select the best experts in most countries of the world to carry out the tasks we are given. Our regional managers are competent consultants as well as operational business developers. Either to get in touch with key representatives, to develop your company or to boost your turn-over, to take part in the best local strategies, these resources (regional / country managers) will become your agents in the areas or regions you are aiming at and will cost you less than a local or international recruiting. The running of their activities, the management and reporting can be taken care of by NETWORKLINK that will inform you via its online tools, week after week, about the evolution of the activities. We immediately readjust the scope of their actions according to the clients’ demand and regulate the interface as much as required.

 Our main expertise sectors are the following (advisoring & fundraising) :

  • Deeptech (IA, Iot, Blockchain)
  • Smart Indsutry
  • Adtech
  • Food processing
  • Agronomy
  • Aerospace
  • Biotechnology, Biology
  • Chemistry, Composite materials, Mining
  • Energy (Hydraulic, Photovoltaic, wind-turbines)
  • Electronics, MtoM
  • Environment, Sustainable Development
  • Internet and Telecom
  • Mechanics, industry
  • eHealth, Medical devices
  • and MORE…

Some of our partners :

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