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Services et Missions Networklink

Ce que nous faisons


We support companies as part of a mentoring program providing "vision and ambition". From the founding documents and this mentoring, the files presented to investors are more likely to interest them, to believe in the project, which will make it possible to successfully raise funds or obtain financing (bottom of balance sheet + subsidies).


To help to structure the capital of the company or obtain loans and grants, our experienced team assists the founders in this process. Building on the success of several deals each year, we select the projects that have a real chance of succeeding in the state or with our help.

The Silicon Valley Camp on video

NETOWRKLINK as part of a partnership with Young Entrepreneur School, M Capital Parners and Vaughan Avocats, we offer each year to 10 startups to participate in Startup Camps abroad (North America, Asia, Africa). 


We have operational expertise in bringing new strategies, ideas and concepts ( Ultra Seven Method©).

In a competitive economic world, the life cycles of products and companies are becoming shorter. Without innovation within organizational strategies, key turns may not be made in time. Foresight and monitoring associated with minds trained in the search for new concepts and connections, are resources which companies can no longer pass.


We help managers in all strategic thinking, defining the business model, monetizing their business, necessary pivots, reaching the product market fit, defining the development project to finance, benchmarking different hypotheses of the business plan and writing the business plan, essential elements to find investors and raise funds, loans or grants.


We help entrepreneurs to make their executive summary and pitch-deck attractive and concise increasing their chance of success in the valuation of businesses and fundraising.

We help leaders in any strategic thinking, definition of the business model and project development, the various assumptions and elaboration of the business plan, essentially the fundraising items, investor search and selection, loan or grant.


The leaders of SMEs and innovative startups call on our marketing experts who call on their creativity and knowledge of new approaches and tools. The marketing plan is one of the deliverables that results from the analysis of the activity, the market, the competition and the customers of our clients.


With a valuable vision and ambition, these studies are eminently decisive during business valuations and direct actions towards the positioning of brands, products and services.


Networklink has a network in France and abroad of sector experts and business developers, experienced in developing the turnover of client companies. Often, companies hold remarkable knowledge capital, innovation and key competitive advantages, but, their weak point and the absence of commercial policy or operational resources allowing to develop turnover. We offer you the best of them and also opening up doors from large corporates.


NETWORKLINK has a worldwide network of experts allowing startups to develop their activities abroad.

On the fact those companies can not settle their domestic market, and NETWORKLINK, offers the opportunity to enter on new markets and develop worldwide.


Some companies want to access the French market, others already present, want to internationalize elsewhere. 

These are steps that provide the necessary opportunity to increase market share and value creation.

The goal : a targeted presence in their country and the world places that count.


NETWORKLINK assists companies in their internationalization and opening new markets. We put at your disposal one or more local correspondents or country managers, who know your industry and have the technical expertise that fits your needs, able to realize operational missions and being result oriented.


Our method : IDEA©

I : Insight

: Deploy

E : Embed

: Accelerate

Our leitmotiv: Making business grow.

Accelerateur de croissance internationale de Startups et PME : Acteur proactif dans l"innovation strategique

Technology development and transfer responds to realities on the ground. Negotiating with large industrial groups requires in-depth preparation and meeting with key players. We select the partners and we participate in the maturation of a research and technology project which will have a market reality and will bring a real competitive advantage. NETWORKLINK consultants rely on sector experts, technical directors and public / private laboratories who will be able to produce a result which will interest the target industries.


A large number of manufacturers have identified us as part of their approach in Open Innovation inbound and outbound to be part of technology watch solutions and calls for skills from creatives, startups and laboratories. We are solicited by these groups as much as we are proactive. Thus, our ULTRA7 methodology allows ideation processes in Lean Startup mode in the form of 2-hour innovathons .


To learn more, sign up for our monthly Meetup organized that already have more than 350 members:

  • Open Innovation Meetup

  • The Open Innovation Meetup.

We also support the Open Innovation platform NewDartagnan which has nearly 4,000 startups. It connects Startups with Major Groups and investors in the context of Open Innovation Challenges and Competitions.


We organize "innovathons" each month in the presence of a Large Group which submits an objective or a problem. According to the methodology, we constitute 7 groups, each composed of creatives, connectors, marketers, sellers and experts in the sector concerned. The solutions resulting from the application of the method are presented in the form of a pitch deck.

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